Whether the order is successful
After the order is established, the system will send you an ""order confirmation"" email to confirm the order details, including order details and receiving information.

How to track the progress of an order
For the shipment progress, you can check in "My Account > Order Inquiry".

Return and exchange instructions
Please refer to "Shopping Guide > Return and Exchange".

A. When is the refund
After the store collects the package and executes the ""return completion"", if the refund account information is correct, the refund will be made to the designated account within seven to ten working days. The progress of the return can be confirmed in the member area> order inquiry.

If you have any questions about the ""Retue complated (Before)"" process, please contact the store customer service.
If you have any questions about the ""Retue complated (After)"" process, please leave a message to the customer service.

B. It shows that the refund is completed but not received?
1. Please go to My Account>Past Order History to confirm the refund information.
2. Use online banking/ATM to check payment details.

C. Why the refund failed?
1. Incorrectly fill in the financial card number as the refund account number.
2. The refund information is incorrectly filled.

D. Why is there no notification of refund failure/refund completion?
The progress of the return/refund can be confirmed in the member area> order inquiry.
APP order → APP push notification (if you fill in E-MAIL when ordering, you will receive a notification letter)
Order on the official website→E-MAIL notification letter

E. The refund method will be refunded according to the payment method you use
Credit card one-off payment: If you pay with a credit card, we will refund the payment to the credit card account you originally paid for. According to different financial institutions, the refund arrival time is generally about 7-10 working days.
Cash on delivery: When you fill out the return application, be sure to fill in the correct refund account information according to the return refund page. After the store confirms the completion of the product return, we will refund to your designated account within 7-10 working days.
PayMe from HSBC: If you use PayMe to pay, after we confirm the refund to PayMe, you will receive the refund in your PayMe account within 1-2 working days.

F. Why the shipping fee is not refunded
The order shipping fee is the cost that the store has already borne when the product is shipped. If you apply for a subsequent return, the sales amount of the product will be refunded.

G. Why the refund amount is incorrect
Return/refund information and payment can be confirmed in the member area> order inquiry.

H. The refund account number I entered seems to be filled in incorrectly. Where can I modify it?
In order to ensure the security of member transaction information, the information will be encrypted and sent immediately after the return application is sent. If you need to confirm or modify, please leave a message to us and provide the order number, recipient's mobile phone number and passbook cover, related personnel Will reply as soon as possible after assistance, thank you.

My coupon
Enter "My Account > My Discount Coupon", you can check the discount coupon or enter the discount coupon number.

How to use discount coupons
At the checkout, click the use discount coupon or fill in the discount coupon discount code to enjoy the discount.

1. Only one coupon can be used for each order, but the rules for use in the store are subject to a separate announcement.
2. The amount of each product after using the coupon discount cannot be zero.
3. If the checkout product is marked as "Coupon Not Applicable", the product cannot be discounted with the coupon.
4. The coupon can only be used once and there is no renewal. Once used, it will not be returned.
5. If an order using a coupon needs to be cancelled or returned, the coupon will automatically become invalid and will not be returned.
6. The coupon has a validity period. After the expiration date, it cannot be used and cannot be restored.
7. Coupons cannot be discounted for shipping.

Which types of credit cards are supported?
We accept Visa, Mastercard (Mastercard) and American Express (American Express credit card). When you choose to use a credit card for transactions, the operation process will be through the SSL encryption mechanism to protect your personal privacy information.

What is 3D verification?
3D verification is a network security verification service launched by international card issuing organizations such as Visa, MasterCard, JCB, and so on. When you finally pay with a credit card, you must enter the correct verification code to complete the payment, giving you an extra layer of security and protection.

Why does the order status still show Pending Payment after payment?
The reason may be due to factors such as network instability, page switching, etc., which may cause the incorrect transfer to the order completion page.
1. Credit card: If you use a credit card to pay, you will be prompted ""payment has not been successful, please re-purchase"", we will update the order status within 30 minutes after payment, after the order is established, the system will send an ""order confirmation"" email to you.
2. PayMe from HSBC: If you use PayMe to pay, you will be prompted "Transaction is in progress, please confirm later." We will update the order status within 6 minutes after payment. The order status can be found in ""My Account>Orders"" Query in "Query".

What are the reasons for payment failure?
If your payment fails with the following payment tools, please contact the issuing bank or relevant customer service staff.
1. Credit card: Internet disconnection, card issuing bank system is busy, card data error, credit limit is full, 3D verification code is not entered
2. PayMe from HSBC: Internet disconnection, payment overdue, payment cancellation